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Kia ora & Arigato

Thank for your interest in participating in the Japan Festival Wellingon 2024!
Thank you also to those who have participated in the festival in the past who gave us their valuable feedback. We’ve heard you and have some new ideas to make the festival even better.
This year, our festival is back again with more twists, turns and quirkiness to bring Japan to Wellington. 
For a full Information Guide slide deck, please click here.

14th-22nd September 2024: City-wide activation
14th  September 2024: Festival Day at Michael Fowler Centre


How can I be involved?

You can apply as many categories as you want - you will need to send registrations separately under each categories and the separate fees (if applicable) will apply.



Fees & link

City-wide Activation

Any businesses (restaurants, cafe, and shops) who have physical shops in the Wellington region can join JFW this year and can participate by offering (for example) Japanese related menu/items, decorations, or host performers.

$50 per business
See section
Registration link here
Registrations close 15th July

MFC Stalls & Exhibitions

Individuals or businesses who want to 1) sell their arts, crafts, and packaged food (prepped in advance and packed, no cooking at the venue), 2) display exhibitions, or 3) advertise & recruit to their services or associations, can hold an approximately 3x2.5m stall. Spaces are limited!

See section
Registration link here
Registrations close 21st July

Food truck

We are yet to decide whether to host Food trucks at MFC or nearby venues - we will update you when we know more.

$400+ (TBC)


1) Selected performers can perform either on the main stage and/or the foyers of the MFC
2) Performers may be able to collaborate with businesses who registered as city-wide activation
3) (TBC) there may be an outside pop-up performances throughout the city

See section
Registration link
Registrations close TBC


We invite you to hold workshops at the MFC. The venue has limited capacity/ability but any ideas are welcome and we can discuss.

TBC - contact our team


Please contact us if you are interested to be our sponsor & partner, or become a part of JFW crew (volunteers on the day and/or operational team).


City-wide Activation

Any businesses (restaurants, cafe, shops, bars and venue) with a physical location in Wellington region can join JFW this year! City-wide activation will run for the week of 14-22 September 2024. We’ll have an online & physical city-map to show which businesses are participating and what they are providing.

We are also looking to run a fun interactive activity (such as stamp rally - TBC) to invite and encourage the public to visit your shops, along with an advertisement on our website, facebook, Instagram, alongside other communications from partners such as Embassy of Japan & WCC at extra cost. Please enquire if you are interested. You do not have to be a Japanese-related shops or Japanese to participate, however adding an essence of Japan is essential! Here are some of the ideas:

RESTAURANTS & CAFES… could offer Japanese themed recipes such as Matcha or Sakura flavoured Latte, incorporate Yuzu or Dashi flavours in your menu, or make limited time Sushi, Ramen or other delicious Japanese (themed) food - yum!

YOU CAN HIGHLIGHT… Japanese authors if you are a book shop, Japan-made goods or Japanese-inspired design or clothing if you are a clothes boutique, homeware store, or art shop.

YOU CAN DECORATE WITH… omiyage (souvenirs) from Japan or anything Japanese related you have! Don’t worry if you don’t have any - you can make cheap and easy paper decorations such as Origami Cranes, or Shuriken (what Ninja uses).

WEAR Kimono, cosplay or your Japanese-designer clothes.Unsure if they are Japanese or other Asian cultures? Ask us at

Businesses are also invited to host performers at your venue if you have an appropriate setting or space to do so. The Trust will make an introduction to any appropriate performer(s) that suit your venue and will facilitate connections - we will leave the rest to you! Shops/venues who are hosting performers will feature more on our media if they are selected to perform at the Michael Fowler Centre.Click here for registration.If you have any questions, please contact us at


Michael Fowler Center

Festival Day takes place 14th September with stalls and exhibitions at the Michael Fowler Centre on Promenades, Renouf Foyer, and on the ground floor.

Spaces are limited so please register here asap!

Stall fees:
Non-profitable communities $60 half stand / $120 full stand
Profitable communities $140 half stand / $280 full stand
$enquire for unique sizes / negotiation possible
Sales of alcohol - TBC ($1500+)

$10 double-sided FOGO$15 triple-sided FOGO

As a full stand, you will receive:
3 x 2.5m space with two trestle tables (1.8m long each) and black cloths
* A power station and its tag checks. You can use the power for low-appliances like changing your phone or for lighting
* Signage of your stall (please return at the end of the festival as we will be reusing them in the years to come!)

We can also provide FOGO at an extra cost, which is a velcro-style stand at the back of your stall. You can have one double ($10) or triple sided ($15) FOGO per stall. The numbers are limited so this is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Please make sure to select FOGO preferences on your registration form.

If you select “Half-stand” you will be paired up with another stall to share the space. You may choose your own partner if you wish to do so. If you need a bigger space than a full stand, please enquire to our Stalls team for pricing and to discuss further.

*The detail may change but if so we will communicate with you clearly.



The selected performers* will have a chance to perform at one of the most iconic venues in Wellington - Michael Fowler Center (MFC). The auditorium sits approximately 2,000 people and the acoustics are absolutely beautiful. 

The auditorium for performances will start from 2pm, ending at 6pm. There will be a rehearsal on the day of the festival - time TBC but early in the morning. We will provide a basic AV system such as microphone, lighting and the others (specific items are still TBC). Participation fee is free.

*selected performers mean we will do a pre-recorded curation or prior audition to select performers as our performance time this year is shorter than usual due to venue arrangements.

Important notice

Due to the inflation of labour, venue, and everything else in between, costs have increased. While we work extremely hard to get funding and sponsorship, running this level of festival comes with an extremely high price.

We truly appreciate any donations for those who have made enough profit at the festival, want to be featured more so willing to pay extra, or are a true believer of the festival. 

This will go towards the running cost of the festival, and to secure the future of the festival. The next festival is never promised. We will honour your kind koha by prioritising you at the next festival as a thank-you! Arigato for your understanding and if you are willing to do so, please do let us know

30 years with Sakai-City

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of our sister city relationship with Sakai.

Wellington Sakai Association, along with the City Council, has been fostering social, cultural ties between the people of Wellington and Sakai City since 1994. Japan Festival Wellington was originally formed in 2009 to celebrate the relationship between New Zealand and Japan, and our sister city. This year we aim to celebrate an amazing 30 year milestone in our beautiful friendship.

Meet our friend, Honeywa. HONEYWA is a combination of a HANIWA, a traditional burial figure found on the burial mounds of Japan, especially in Sakai, and the Beehive here in Wellington. Because she's from the beehive, she's got HONEY! And the WA in her name is the Japanese word for peace. Of course, she's in the shape of a HANIWA, too.

Honeywa might make an appearance at the JFW!


Contact the team



Jack (Event Manager)

Mayu (Trust Chair)

Ayu & Johaniek (Trust), Brigid (Advisor), and Michelle

JJ (Main Contact)

Margaret (Stalls Lead)

Anri (Performers Lead)

TBC (Volunteers Lead)