School children create giant kimono and banners for the Festival

April 29, 2022

You’ll be blown away by the sight of two fabulous giant kimono at the Festival created from panels painted by students at 16 local schools.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation sponsored the Giant Kimono Project as part of its programme of activities to bring Asia into the classroom.

Students were asked to come up with a design on the theme of friendship between New Zealand and Japan. It was no small task they faced: each calico panel measured some 10 square metres.

Pictured is the Clyde Quay School’s taniwha and Japanese dragon design, painted by about 20 children ranging in age from five to 13.

But wait, there's more! In partnership with the Foundation, the Festival is also working with schools to produce 40 banners for the 2022 Festival on the theme of Japan's Tanabata Festival (also known as the Star Festival) and Matariki.

Organised by the Japan Festival Wellington Trust with Japanese Embassy & Wellington City Council